Upcoming CPD events

  • 2020 CFEH Webinar Progam
  • 2020 CFEH Live CPD Events

6:30pm 11th February 2020: Pauline Xu and Lindsay Moore

What’s white and fluffy and retina all over?  Differential diagnosis of white retinal lesions (3)


6:30pm 17th March 2020: Dr Adrian Fung

More than meets the eye – systemic signs of retinal disease (3T)


6:30pm 7th April 2020: Dr Matt Spargo

Ocular disease in the paediatric population: What to look out for (3T)


6:30pm 12th May 2020: Dr Angelica Ly

The Role of optometry in macular disease (3)


6:30pm 9th June 2020: Michael Yapp

Demonstration of practical examination techniques (3T)


6:30pm 14th July 2020: Dr Jack Phu

Evidence based practice in angle closure glaucoma (3T)


6:30pm 11th August 2020: Paula Katalinic

Dealing with the patient with type 1 diabetes (3T)


6:30pm 8th September 2020: Dr Michael Hennessy and Dr Fran Boyle

Cancer and the eye (3)


6:30pm 13th October 2020: Carol Chu and Gonzalo Jacome

Optometry’s role in low vision – functional testing to optimise low vision solutions (3)


6:30pm 10th November 2020: Paula Katalinic

The rare, the challenging and the downright confusing – interesting presentations of 2020 (3T)


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