Upcoming CPD events

  • 2019 CFEH Webinar Progam
  • 2019 CFEH Live CPD Events

6:30 pm 12th February – Michael Yapp

Ocular Implications of Sleep Disorders (3T)


6:30pm 5th March – Jack Phu

Therapeutic Update: What’s New in Glaucoma Treatment? (3T)


6:30pm 9th April – Steve Leslie

Traumatic Brain Injury and Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation (3T)


6:30pm 14th May – Pauline Kang

Analysing the evidence: Atropine in myopia progression (3T)


6:30pm 11th June – Pauline Xu

An Optometrist’s Guide to dealing with inherited retinal dystrophies (3)


6:30pm 9th July – Paula Katalinic, Pauline Xu, Jack Phu, Angelica Ly, Michael Yapp

5 Papers that will change how you practice optometry (3)


6:30pm 13th August – Angelica Ly

Artificial intelligence: Friend or foe? (3)


6:30pm 10th September – Nicole Carnt

Corneal Infection (3T)


6:30pm 8th October – Paula Katalinic                                                                                             

Neovasularisation untangled: new insights into new vessels (3T)


6:30pm 12th November – Rebecca Tobias, Jaclyn Chiang

CFEH most interesting cases of 2019 (3T)                                                     


“New Perspectives on Macula and Optic Nerve Diagnosis and Management”

Interactive workshop presented by Jack Phu and Pauline Xu

Location: Wollongong City Diggers
Details: 6-8:30pm Tuesday 5th February 2018

RSVP: email education@cfeh.com.au