Upcoming CPD events

  • CFEH Webinar Progam
  • Face-to-face CPD

2021 Webinar Program CFEH

    • Tuesday November 9th 2021 6:30pm AEST: “Memorable cases of 2021″(90 minutes interactive CPD)


2022 Webinar Program CFEH

    • Tuesday February 8th 6:30pm AEDT: “Consequences of Ocular Trauma”
    • Tuesday March 8th 6:30pm AEDT: “Macular Neovascularisation: How Not to Miss One” (90 minutes interactive CPD)
    • Tuesday April 12th 6:30pm AEST: “Eyecare in Cancer Patients – From Front to Back”
    • Tuesday May 10th 6:30pm AEST: “Which is Which? A Systematic Approach to Optic Nerve Disease Diagnosis” (120 minutes interactive CPD)
    • Tuesday June 14th 6:30pm AEST: “When Dystrophy Meets Low Vision”
    • Tuesday July 12th 6:30pm AEST: “A Systemic Approach to Acute or Transient Vision Loss”
    • Tuesday August 9th 6:30pm AEST: “Patient Self-Help: From Meditation to Diet and Lifestyle”
    • Tuesday September 13th 6:30pm AEST: “The Challenges of High Myopia”
    • Tuesday October 11th 6:30pm AEDT: “Vision Loss Along the Visual Pathways”
    • Tuesday November 8th 6:30pm AEDT: “Highlights from the CFEH Clinic 2022″(90 minutes interactive CPD)

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Due to COVID-19 we are currently not running any face to face programs, however this website will be updated once that situation changes.