Interactive Education

Tuesday May 14th, 2024 @ 6:30pm AEST

Professional collaboration – how this can benefit you, your patients and your practice (1.5iT)

With the advent of new technologies, the ways in which we as Optometrists can manage patients with suspected or diagnosed disease has evolved. Virtual Ophthalmology consults, co-management of suitable patients and linking in with other health specialists to provide holistic patient care are some of the evolutions we have seen at CFEH over the last decade or more.  This interactive webinar will explore these developments in the context of how they may be beneficial to you in your every- day practice.

August 13th @ 6:30pm AEST

Join CFEH Knowledge Lead (macula), Meri Galoyan, as she explores various causes of sub-retinal fluid at the macula. Work in online breakout rooms to discuss cases and learn from each other, as well as from the presenter.

November 12th @ 6:30pm AEDT

Join CFEH Head of Clinical Operations, Michael Yapp as he takes you on an exploration of new and emerging technologies in the area of eye care.  Develop your understanding of these technologies in a practical sense, and see how they may benefit your practice now or in the future.

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