Patient information

We are a referral-only centre. To make an appointment you first need to be referred by your healthcare provider.

Below are also some commonly asked questions from our patients. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us and we will respond to you directly.

  • Why have I been referred?

    You have been referred to Centre for Eye Health because your healthcare provider requires more detailed information about your eyes. This may be to rule out any eye disease, to monitor a diagnosed condition, or for further testing to supplement the information your healthcare provider already has.

    It’s important to proceed with your appointment. Gaining a better understanding of your eyes allows your healthcare provider to determine the best possible management and treatment specific to you. This helps to maintain healthy, functioning eyes both short and long term.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    When we receive your referral from your healthcare provider it is triaged to determine what tests you need, which usually takes around five days. Once triage is complete we will contact you to arrange your appointment. This is usually by text message or phone call, or by letter if we are unable to reach you. A member of the team will talk you through your requirements and help you book an available appointment.

    If you have been referred and haven’t heard from a member of our team, please contact us.

  • What days do your clinics run?

    For current opening hours across our clinics, please refer to our Contact us page.

    Some speciality clinics only run on particular days, however the reception team will provide you with additional information relevant to you when making your appointment.

  • What will the appointment cost?

    Our patients do not pay out of pocket expenses for their appointments thanks to the generosity of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and their supporters.

    Where possible we bulk bill Medicare for consultations to help offset our operational costs, but you do not need to have Medicare to have an appointment with us.

  • How do I get to Centre for Eye Health?

    Directions, maps, and parking information for our clinics are available on our contact us page.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    On the day of your appointment, bring your:

    • Medicare card, if you have one. 
    • Spectacles. If you wear contact lenses, wear your spectacles and bring your contact lenses. 
    • Your medical history, including history of illness, family illness, current or previous medications, and details of  past surgeries.
    • Sunglasses, which can help reduce the effects of light sensitivity caused by eyedrops we use during your appointment to take better images of your eyes. Such drops also cause blurry vision, so if you plan to drive, please refer to the notes below for more information.
  • Can I drive after my appointment?

    We often use eyedrops during appointments to dilate your pupil which allows us to take better images of your eyes. These eyedrops can cause light sensitivity and blurred vision for several hours, so we do not recommend driving immediately after your appointment until your normal vision has returned.

    We recommend that you organise for someone else to drive you to your appointment, or allow for time in your schedule to wait until you feel ready to drive.

  • How long will it take?

    Appointment times depend on the types of tests you have been referred for. Typically appointments can run from 30 minutes, to several hours. The reception team will provide you with additional information relevant to you when making your appointment.

  • Who will I see during my appointment?

    Your appointment is with one of our highly trained optometrists. As a teaching and research clinic, final year optometry students from the University of New South Wales will assist with your appointment. Please let us know if you do not consent for student participation in your appointment when you arrive.  

    Some clinics, and some patient reports, are overseen by consultant ophthalmologists from South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service (SESIAHS). When this happens, a patient is registered with SESIAHS, and their information is shared accordingly. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

  • Do you have translation, transport, or accommodation services available?

    Interpretation and translation assistance

    We can arrange for an interpreter to assist with making your appointment, and during your appointment—just let us know which language you prefer. Many of our team are also multi-lingual.

    If you require AUSLAN interpretation, please contact us.

    Transport and accomodation assistance

    Transport and accomodation services are available by application only. Applications must be received in writing at least two weeks prior to your appointment.

    For more information regarding these services please contact us.

  • When will my results be ready?

    Your results will not be provided to you during your appointment. Much like an x-ray or an ultrasound, the images we take are diagnostic in nature, and are only one component of your overall eye care.

    Your referring practitioner will receive a copy of your results within two weeks of your appointment. Please contact them to discuss your results.

  • Can I get a copy of my results?

    Unless specifically requested, we use My Health Record for secure storage of our clinical reports. This means your reports can be accessed by you, or the healthcare providers you are directly working with, any time, online.

    You can speak to your referring provider about getting copies of your results if you’re unable to access My Health Record at home.

  • Can I get a letter of attendance?

    We can provide a letter of attendance for your appointment, and one for your caregiver if needed—just let reception know of your requirements when you arrive. Please note that a letter of attendance is not a medical certificate.