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The Frontloading Fields Study

The Frontloading Fields Study assessed the viability, in terms of time taken for testing and repeatability, of frontloading (performing multiple perimetric examinations) in a single clinic visit.

Authors Dr Jack Phu and Professor Michael Kalloniatis have developed the tool below to calculate the follow-up visit at which 95% of cases are detected, the predicted time to detect 95% of cases and the mean deviation at follow-up.


Jack Phu, Michael Kalloniatis. The Frontloading Fields Study (FFS): Detecting Changes in Mean Deviation in Glaucoma Using Multiple Visual Field Tests Per Clinical Visit. Translational Vision Science & Technology. 2021 Nov 1;10(13):21. doi:

SITA Faster vs SITA standard

Dr Jack Phu’s paper on SITA Faster was published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology and has significant implications for practicing optometrists in the area of visual field testing.

His study found that SITA Faster can result in significant time savings compared to SITA standard by reducing test time by about 50% with very similar results overall. However clinicians need to be aware that the algorithm may result in a higher rate of false positives and increased seeding point errors. To reduce these errors, the study presents some suggestions for additional careful instructions so that the results are clinically useable.


Jack Phu, Sieu K. Khuu, Ashish Agar, Michael Kalloniatis. Clinical Evaluation of Swedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm–Faster Compared With Swedish Interactive Thresholding Algorithm–Standard in Normal Subjects, Glaucoma Suspects, and Patients With Glaucoma. American Journal of Ophthalmology, Volume 208,
2019, Pages 251-264. doi: