We are hiring!

CFEH has two roles currently being advertised.  If you have a degree in vision science, optometry or a similar discipline, you may be interested in joining us as a technician, or if you are a customer-service super-star, our Client Services position may be right for you.

CFEH Services to Target the Most Vulnerable

The mission of CFEH has always been to reduce preventable blindness and vision loss within our community through the early detection of eye disease.  To ensure the longevity of our organisation, and ensure we are able to care for the most vulnerable in our community, we have introduced some new eligibility criteria.

Multispectral pattern recognition better way to measure AMD changes: new publication

Examining change in drusen size, area and/or volume over time is fundamental to monitoring disease progression and managing patients with AMD. However assessment of longitudinal change in clinical practice is currently limited to a single commercial tool (such as Cirrus OCT) or manual inspection by clinicians.

Online resources for AMD: new publication

Online patient education materials about Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) can help patients improve their understanding of disease prognosis, risk factors and eye assessment schedule requirements.

Centre for Eye Health undergoing strategic review

Centre for Eye Health is currently undergoing a strategic review to redefine our approach to the early detection of preventable blindness, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our organisation.

Cost effective glaucoma management: new publication

With an ageing population in Australia, more patients are identified as being glaucoma suspects every year. However, what is the cost of monitoring and reviewing these patients, and at what frequency is the most cost-effective for early treatment and blindness prevention?


Cure Blindness Australia

We would like to thank Cure Blindness Australia for supporting our electrophysiology clinic for patients with inherited retinal dystrophies.

Introducing the Rapid Research Review podcast

Hosted by our Research team, the Rapid Research Review podcast is a free resource for clinical optometrists. Each five minute episode will spotlight recent research articles that have clinical impact. By posing clinically relevant questions, our hosts will offer new ideas that can be implemented in your consulting room.