Free and unlimited digital skills training that you can trust.

Navigating the digital world can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re navigating sight loss. That’s why The Centre for Eye Health in collaboration with Good Things Foundation and accredited training partners are excited to introduce our free digital skills pilot program Get Online, Get Connected.

Whether it’s discovering new features on your devices, staying in touch with family and friends, learning how to do your banking and shopping online, or accessing entertainment, we can help you learn to do more with your devices.

Technology is for everyone

What you’ll learn:

  • Making it easier to use your mobile phone, tablet or computer by learning more features.
  • Stay safe online, avoid scams and protect your privacy.
  • Make everyday tasks easier by mastering essential apps like MyGov, online banking, and shopping.
  • Get chatting with family and friends through social media and video calling.
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"I would be lost without technology. My phone is now my 'third hand', and it helps me to stay independent. If you are living with sight loss, go and get digital skills training. It was scary at first – but you will get the value out of it." – Angela

Group learning in a friendly, supportive environment.

Get Online, Get Connected digital skills training sessions are led by friendly and supportive accredited trainers. The sessions are conducted in a group environment with one-on-one support, designed to make digital learning enjoyable and accessible. You’ll be learning alongside like-minded peers who are also discovering how to do more on their devices, just like you.

What to expect from your free training sessions:

  • Benefit from unlimited, complimentary access to training.
  • Sessions are led in person by friendly accredited trainers.
  • Group training, personalised learning, tailored to your needs and pace.
  • A supportive and friendly learning environment, with like-minded peers.
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How it works

Follow these steps to join free and unlimited digital skills training with Get Online Get Connected:

  1. Register your interest: Fill out the online registration form.
  2. Session availability: We’ll get back to you within seven days to confirm available sessions with your nearest training partner.
  3. Choose a session: Receive details on sessions from approved training partners closest to you.
  4. Sign up: Select and sign up for a session, and get ready to learn new digital skills!
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  • What happens after I have successfully registered for the Get Online, Get Connected, free digital skills pilot program?

    You will receive further information about events with the contact details of our closest community partner who is assisting in the pilot program. Please contact the partner so they can schedule you in on your preferred date and time. We can identify your closest partner from your postcode entered on the registration form.

  • How will you notify/contact me?

    We will contact you via one of your preferred contact methods as indicated on the registration form.

  • How soon will you contact me?

    We will contact you within a week from registration because we want to take the time to find the best suited event for you.

  • What will I be learning?

    There are so many different modules available. For example, how to make devices easier to use, how to stay safe online and find reliable information, how to connect with others through technology, and tips on how to access resources that enhance your everyday life. There are many, many more modules available: please speak to our community partner about what you would like to learn.

  • Is the pilot program free?

    Yes, the pilot program is free for those who successfully register.

  • What if I want to learn more or about other topics?

    We encourage you to speak to our community partners, who are assisting in the pilot program, letting them know what you would like to learn. Alternatively, let us know via the feedback survey.

    If you want to join more sessions, please feel free to ask when they will next be scheduled. Or with your newfound confidence, you can explore some of the online modules available to you: ask our partners where you can find them.

  • Why do you want me to fill out the surveys before and after the training?

    We want to learn more, we want to know how we can do better, how we can create and deliver more accessible learning resources to everyone.

  • What are digital skills?

    In simple words, any skill which helps you to operate digital devices. For example, knowing how to use Facebook, reply to an email or make video calls.

  • Why is this pilot program important?

    Everyone in Australia deserves the right to have access to affordable digital technology and the skills and confidence to use it.

    Having the confidence to use technology has helped others to stay independent by providing them with more choice and control.

  • Would you like to contact us?

    You can email us at Our friendly team will get back to you within 48 hours.