We are now on Oculo!

CFEH is now on Oculo

To co-incide with the launch of our new management service, CFEH has set up an account to enable you to refer directly through Oculo.

By including Oculo as a referral option, we have created a streamlined collaborative care process for busy referrers who want to take advantage of the CFEH clinical management service.

A few key details to note:

  •  As Oculo doesn’t have an option to select assessment or management, referrals through this platform will be treated as a management request, where CFEH will discuss results with the patient, arrange appropriate management for the condition specifically referred and advise the patient to return to see you for all other matters.
  • If you would like to refer a patient for a Diagnostic Assessment where results are NOT discussed with the patient, please use our website or attached referral form.
  • Reports will continue to be sent back to you via Medinexus to avoid double entering of results from CFEH perspective.

Not only do we aim to save the referrer time by offering non-urgent chronic ocular disease diagnostics and management with ophthalmology oversight as needed – we perform these services at no cost to you or the patient.