Clinical evaluation of SITA-Faster compared to SITA-Standard in normal subjects, glaucoma suspects and glaucoma patients

CFEH Lead clinician (glaucoma) Dr Jack Phu’s latest paper has been accepted for publication by the very prestigious American Journal of Ophthalmology and is now available online.

The paper is the first independent, large clinical study comparing the new testing algorithm SITA Faster to SITA standard with a number of important clinical implications for practitioners.

Jack’s study found that SITA faster can result in significant time savings compared to SITA standard by reducing test time by about 50% with very similar results overall. However clinicians need to be aware that the algorithm may result in a higher rate of false positives and increased seeding point errors. To reduce these errors, the study presents some suggestions for additional careful instructions so that the results are clinically useable.

Jack’s co-authors on this paper were Professor Michael Kalloniatis, Dr Sieu Khuu and Dr Ashish Agar (pictured)

The paper is open access is now available at the following link: