Multispectral pattern recognition measures change in drusen area in age-related macular degeneration with high congruency to expert graders

Examining change in drusen size, area and/or volume over time is fundamental to monitoring disease progression and managing patients with AMD. However assessment of longitudinal change in clinical practice is currently limited to a single commercial tool (such as Cirrus OCT) or manual inspection by clinicians.

New research from Centre for Eye Health has found that that multispectral pattern recognition of various en face retinal imaging modalities can accurately quantify longitudinal drusen change. This analysis was also in greater agreement with expert grading than a commercially available change analysis tool, the Cirrus Advanced RPE analysis regardless of the direction of drusen change.

Considering the association of drusen change and AMD progression, multispectral pattern recognition could be a highly useful tool in assessing drusen in clinical practice and other contexts such as clinical trials.