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Patient Eligibility

Please note that patients MUST meet one of the below criteria in order to be eligible for CFEH services. Patient details are checked prior to appointments and referrals will be rejected if the below criteria does not apply
  • Low Income Health Care
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health
  • Health Care
  • Pensioner Concession
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Seniors
  • Seniors Savers
  • Disability support pension
  • JobSeeker

Assistance required

Patients preferred location

Unfortunately COVID-19 has affected our ability to operate our Sutherland clinic and it is currently closed until further notice.

The UNSW and Cameron Centre (Parramatta) clinics are now open for referrals as per usual.

Please note that low vision assessments are only available at the Parramatta clinic.

Patient clinical details

Acute referrals should not be sent to CFEH

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