5th Year Research Project

As part of their 5th year research project, UNSW Optometry and Vision Science students Sheila Lam and Clarissa Lin conducted a study with CFEH researchers Henrietta Wang, Jack Phu, Michael Kalloniatis and A/Prof Sieu Khuu (UNSW) to evaluate a new computer-based test, the Line Sag test, for assessing metamorphopsia in patients with epiretinal membranes.

Pharma feature

The latest edition of Pharma features a Q&A approach to the most common eye diseases seen in Australia.

Collaborative care model

CFEH employs a unique shared care model where ophthalmologists from the Prince of Wales Hospital work collaboratively with the Centre’s optometrists.

Prof Michael Kalloniatis and Dr Jack Phu’s newly published paper

Glaucoma researchers Dr Jack Phu and Prof Michael Kalloniatis have been working hard to identify better ways to perform visual field tests in clinical practice. Their most recent paper has just been accepted for publication in the prestigious American Journal of Ophthalmology.

Low-vision services now available

COVID-19 has meant that accessing your essential health services has become a little more difficult, but we are here to help.

Recently published paper

A recently published paper evaluates the Centre for Eye Health’s integrated approach to care which sees optometrists, ophthalmologists, general practitioners and endocrinologists working in partnership toward a common goal – to identify those at risk of vision loss and to catch it early so as to manage and treat it before they lose vision in the first place.